A New Blog for Healthcare

I will send out a more formal announcement later this week, but the new 95 healthcare blog has arrived.

A little about the blog:

Andy Brogan and Mark Cannon have both been senior managers in the NHS, each having considerable experience of Acute and Community health care, Social Care and commissioning. Despite their years of experience working inside the NHS they are only now, together with other 95 colleagues, starting to explore the application of the 95 Method within the UK health and care sector. What they are learning reveals a system which, in taking care of business, may be at risk of forgetting that it is in the business of care. The very performance management infrastructure which has been designed to improve quality and efficiency is revealing itself to be a primary cause of dysfunction. So too with commissioning, competition and the thrust towards a market approach to health care provision the 95 Method is revealing these to be driving forces behind a system which is fragmented, adversarial and, critically, incapable of enabling continuity of care across providers. The human and economic consequences are distressing but point the way towards an immense opportunity to improve the health of the population and the health of the bottom line. The ‘95 In Health’ blog is tracking the journey of the 95 Method in health as Mark, Andy and their colleagues learn. You can find it here if you want the latest and if you want to contribute.

Personally, I can’t wait to learn what applying the 95 Method does for healthcare in the UK.  As we get knowledge using the 95 Method in healthcare, the US can benefit too.

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