Bryce Harrison Inc. has been working with service organizations from the public and private sectors since 1994. We offer them an effective change management strategy that produces excellent performance and service delivery using the Vanguard Method©.

On this page we’ll highlight the results our clients have achieved working with us.  We’ll also give you an idea of our approach to clients and how we’re different from other consulting firms.

What results can you expect from our support to your change program?

  • You will have a more effective staff training that will produce results. Your staff will be better trained and equipped to deliver what really matters to your customers.
  • You will create capacity to do more value work without having to put in additional resources.  Creating capacity to do more value work, and just the value work, will give you the opportunity to grow your business and deliver outstanding service to your customers.
  • You will learn how delivering improved quality actually drives costs down and pushes efficiency up thereby achieving ‘more for less’.
  • You will see significant results in performance with this change program in a short time that will have long term success.  Your staff will participate more actively since they’ll be involved right from the start.  To ensure sustainability, we’ll show you the method and transfer that knowledge to you so you can continually improve your performance even after we leave.
  • Your staff will be rewarded with a working environment that eliminates barriers that stop them from doing what they’re there to do i.e. delivering quality service.  This will result in improvement in your staff morale and lower turnover.  Happier staff translates to happier customers.
  • You will use your leadership skills and your time more effectively at the work place. This change program will enable you to act and make decisions based on knowledge that you gather about how the work works.
  • You will have a more meaningful way of looking at your performance and capability to deliver what matters to your customers.  You will use measures that help you improve performance continually.

Our Guiding Values

Help you create value for your customers. What distinguishes you from your competitors is your ability to deliver a higher quality of service in the eyes of your customers.

Pull not Push. Good customer service is designed around customer demands rather than expecting customers to fit the organization’s processes. You can design an optimal response to your customer’s needs if you understand what matters to your customers, the variety in these responses and how predictable they are. The results are lower costs and improved customer satisfaction. If you want customers to pull value from your system you need to understand the nature of demand coming into your system.

Act on the system not the people. Acting on the system is the best leverage organizations have if they want to improve performance. W. Edwards Deming said 95% of performance is related to the system and only 5% is related to your people. To get massive improvement, we will show you how to act on the system.

Our Approach

Outside in – customer approach

When you learn to take a systems view, starting outside-in (from your customer’s rather than your organization’s point of view), you can see the waste caused by the current organization design, the opportunities for improvements and the means to realize them.

Vanguard Model – tried and tested model that delivers results.

Vanguard Consulting Ltd. has pioneered the translation of Taiichi Ohno’s ideas behind the Toyota Production System – for Service Organizations and we are the United States representative of the Vanguard Method©.
Service is different to manufacturing. In simple terms there is inherently greater variety in customer demand, hence the need to design work to absorb that variety.

The Vanguard Method© helps service organizations avoid the pitfalls of ‘tools’ developed for ‘lean manufacturing’ since they do not translate well for organizations like yours – Service Organizations.

You’ll be engaged in a unique Method for Service Improvement. Unlike the traditional ‘Plan- Do-Check-Act’ model we believe that the place to start is ‘Check’.

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The ‘Check’ process helps you understand and see the ‘what and why’ of current performance, build the case for change and redesign your service ‘flows’ to only do the ‘value work’. Your team is actively involved in carrying out ‘Check’ and in a short time they will see what is wrong and will want to fix it.

It is management thinking that determines the system (how the work works) and the system determines performance.

Change the way you think about the design and management of work and you can change the system. When you design your system to do ‘what matters’ to your customers, you will improve service, reduce costs and increase staff morale.

Transferring learning
When we leave you, you’ll be equipped with the ability and knowledge to ensure sustainability and continual improvement.

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