Dear Secretary Geithner:

All the regulation you are imposing will not stop the next crisis.  It will stop ones that look like this one, but not the next one.  I don’t fault your intent, but regulation because of the greed of some will cost us all more as increases in fees and taxes.  You see the American taxpayer will have to pay twice, once for the regulation and again for the financial institutions to comply with the regulations.  Talk about double taxation.

I have a different idea.  Let’s take all the organizations with command and control thinking that are inefficient anyway and have bonuses and rewards that facilitate greed be regulated more.  They love costly things like documented procedures, scripts, entrapping IT, outsourcing, shared services and in general . . . waste.  So regulating them will fit right with their thinking.

Those financial institutions that use systems thinking and understand rewards and incentives drive the wrong behavior and a defacto purpose like achieving financial targets can be regulated less.  The front-line worker of these organizations will call out any “funny business” because they will be involved in the decision making of their own work . . . no more Madoffs.  Not only that, these front-line workers will bring business improvement and business cost reductions that will actually create more profit for shareholders and the company in general.

Just a thought.  Let me know what you think.

Kindest Regards,

Tripp Babbitt