The Vanguard Method requires a different way of thinking about the design and management of work.  This is especially true for organizations in the United States.  The mass-production, industrialized way that has embedded itself in US companies is failing us, even as Japanese organizations in manufacturing have long proven that economy of scale thinking is flawed.  How is it that a country the size of Japan in a post-WWII environment devoid of monetary and natural resources was able to bring auto manufacturers to their knees.  The US had all the scale.

For years, US organizations have been trying to copy the Japanese with “Lean” tools and Six Sigma.  The results have been between marginal or disastrous.  Information technology, outsourcing, shared services has been embraced as an “answer” but again the evidence has shown that organizations continue to under-perform.

For the curious, we are offering a unique coaching engagement, so that you can “see for yourself” what the opportunity is for improvement in your organization on your own time and pace.  The curriculum we have developed will challenge you as a leader.  Each session will lead you to make an informed choice about whether to move forward to the next session.

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