Good Management or Good Fortune?

I just finished an ezine management article about American arrogance and our collective inability to change thinking, especially management thinking.   My belief is that we are still basking in the sun of our tremendous wealth that was produced between 1950-1968.  All until the Japanese came along and ate our collective lunches.  Bye! Bye! Manufacturing! But that’s OK we have service right?

Service industry with a huge competitive advantage in technology.  Oops! We outsource software development and hardware manufacturing.  After all, good management means a good IT outsourcing strategy to other countries.

Good call center management means that we lower transaction costs to add to that bottom line.  What fool wouldn’t want bigger short-term profits to hit that quarterly dividend target or bonus? 

Unfortunately, just like the Mesabi Iron Range . . . the cream is gone.  Our management style no longer achieves innovation leadership.  Instead we follow in the wake of our short-term thinking.  All the while thinking how great US management is.  Except for the awakening that we have fallen behind because we mistook good fortune for good management.

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