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At the risk of being thrown out of the Hilton like the Blackpool couple in the UK (they weren’t at a Hilton), I have to say that my experience at a Hilton Hotel has been less than optimal.  Now they have to find me to kick me out.  Here is the experience.

About four weeks ago, I started to stay at this unnamed Hilton.  The company I am contracted with has an agreement with Hilton for a corporate rate with internet and breakfast.  But after my first week, I discovered that I was charged for breakfast and internet.  I was told that was the agreement at the front desk.

By the end of the second week, I was able to produce the email for the agreement.

By the third week, I had hoped all was in the past.  I was wrong.  That Friday I got my next bill under my door.  All the same charges and that led me to the Manager on duty.  I explained the problem and hoped for the best.

The following week upon my arrival the manager told me that all was taken care of and I thanked him.  But Friday morning, I got my new bill with internet and parking charges.  I didn’t have a car and the internet charges were mind boggling.  The same manager worked the front desk and he corrected the items, but he was dealing with failure demand.

I ate breakfast after the incident and walked by the front desk.  There was a long line of people waiting to get their charges adjusted.  Failure demand at its finest.  Hilton outsources their contact center, but fails to see the real causes of costs and the potential revenue costs.  They just don’t show up in the financials.

I will continue to seek resolution and see if I can get the charges rectified.  I will also see what kind of system conditions I kind find that are causing this system to fail.

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