New Thinking for Auto Dealerships

Monday, November 23, 2009 by Tripp Babbitt

Ortynsky CarI was in Canada last week working with two auto dealerships, one in Yorkton, SK and the other in Winnipeg.  These are not just any auto dealerships.  They are run by an innovative and forward-thinking owner named Terry Ortynsky.

Mr. Ortynsky has been working on systems thinking for a little over a year.  His tinkering with the concept during that time has led him to fully commit.  He sees systems thinking as a way to build a better auto dealership.

The Ortynsky dealerships had long fashioned their work to be customer-friendly like so many other dealers.  The difference being the action he has taken to live this principle.  Mr. Ortynsky doesn’t pay his salespeople by commission, they are paid by salary so that when sales are made they are in the best interest of the customer.

His commitment and belief that doing things in the best interest of the customer in sales and service led him to systems thinking.  He understands that by focusing the design and management of work to serve the customer will decrease costs, improve service and achieve a culture that people want to work in. 

Despite pressure from the manufacturers to submit to targets and other dysfunctional behavior, the Ortynsky automotive groups are focused on creating a better customer experience.  They are in the process of improving the customer experience by understanding the "what and why" of current performance and "what matters" to their customers.  This will lead to a system of continual redesign as employees are engaged at all levels to find new ways to serve customers.

A better leadership strategy (especially innovation leadership) can now be found in a car dealership.  Mr. Ortynsky and his folks are on a mission to serve the people of Canada though better service and thinking . . . for sure.

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