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Indiana Education School Scoring – A Predictable End

I hate to say I told you so . . . but I told you so. The DeHaan school flap over changing grades for one school and not another has led to former Indiana State Education Superintendent Tony Bennett to resign his position in Florida. You can see all previous posts on Indiana Education at [ READ MORE ]

Indiana Education – Raising Standards Can’t Replace Better Method

It is a predictable solution for the uniformed . . .  raise standards and education will improve.  Education a man-made crisis and the solution is to leave more children behind.  If your learning isn’t up to snuff, you get “extra help” in No Child Let Behind and this program has led to more “problem” children. [ READ MORE ]

Labor Day Reflection

The first Labor day in the US was celebrated September 5, 1882.  A “Workingmen’s Holiday” as it was called. Living in Indianapolis, you run into Labor Unions that have slowly but progressively disappeared.  Sure, you still have the Teacher’s Unions and many others but workers in Unions represent about 11.8% of all wage ans salary [ READ MORE ]

Shut Down the Department of Education Federal AND State

I still consider myself neutral because the on-going war between Democrats and Republicans is counter-productive.  Although, I am happy to report that many of the Republican presidential candidates have proposed that they would shut down the US Department of Education. Why stop at the stop at the Federal level? I first proposed last summer that [ READ MORE ]

Atlanta, Dallas, D.C. – A Predictable Result When Using Incentives in Education

The cheating continues for those with incentive programs to get higher scores when testing students.  I hate to say I told you so . . . but I told you so.  Tying test scores to performance opens the door to cheating, people will do what they need to survive in  a bad system.  Administrators and [ READ MORE ]

Test Tampering in Education – Prepare for More

Shocked . . . not really.  Irregularities in the DC education system may or may not have happened.  The predictability of tampering in a system that bases salary and rewards for teachers on test scores is asking for trouble.  The education system will bend to the way we design them. Michelle Rhee is no hero.  [ READ MORE ]

Indiana Education – Job Reviews for Teachers

The performance review is back in the limelight.  Indiana teachers are rated 99% as “effective” according to the Indianapolis Star.  The Star bemoans the fact that this is not possible in business and that this needs to change when students don’t pass 25% of the statewide exams. Dr. Tony Bennett calls it a “statistical impossibility.”  [ READ MORE ]

Next Brilliant Business Suggestion to Improve Education – Outsource It

Image via Wikipedia I say this with great sarcasm before I get all the emails and comments, but left to clueless executives (thank you, Alfie Kohn) wreaking havoc on education it is bound to be mentioned. So, if the US is #15 in Reading, 23rd in Science and 31st in Math in global PISA rankings [ READ MORE ]

The Case Against Merit Pay for Teachers

An important debate is occurring in my home state of Indiana, the discussion is around merit pay and teachers.  And this debate is not just in Indiana, it is going on all over the US.  So let’s take a look at the bad things that merit pay does for education or really any system (rather [ READ MORE ]

Expect Worse Performance and More Bureaucracy with Merit Pay in Education

Image via Wikipedia Andrea Neal recently wrote a column in the Indianapolis Star titled More Money for Best Teachers.  This opinion article attempts to convince us of why merit pay is really a good thing for education.  Although well-intended as most wrong-headed theories are, this one is especially egregious in conclusions without evidence. So, let’s [ READ MORE ]

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