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Revisiting MBO (Management by Objectives)

I am reading two books right now.  One by Governor Daniels of Indiana and another by former Governor Jennifer Granholm of Michigan.  Governor Granholm talks quite a bit about the loss of jobs in manufacturing in her State to outsourcing.  In fact, her last election against Dick DeVos – the former Amway CEO – she [ READ MORE ]

Cheap Labor – Not the Answer for Government

I follow a l0t of the conversations going around on the web comments pages.  An article about contract labor and outsourcing for government showed up on CNBC’s site.  The high wages of government workers are cited as a reason for our deficits . . . can’t be the politicians. These governments workers are making the [ READ MORE ]

Software Development and Outsourcing

Earlier this year, I went to India on behalf of a client that had outsourced their software development.  I met with architects, project managers, business analysts, testers and developers.  What they had to say about software development was astonishing, but revealing. I have nothing against any country.  Outsourcing is not always bad and the worse [ READ MORE ]

Technology – A History of Increasing Costs

The problem isn’t technology alone when it comes to costs, but more the thinking behind it that increases costs.  The transaction costs are very visible and for the gullible represent quick savings for companies.  And companies laden with rewards and pressure to reduce costs “quick” is an embraceable proposition – it becomes a way to [ READ MORE ]

Seeing is Believing

Evidence . . . the one act that can counteract a thousand assumptions. Faith seems to have been lost over the years and replaced by the pursuit of profit.  Can you really trust anyone these days?  Politicians, plumbers, sales people, attorneys, mobile phone companies, investment bankers, car repair are all professions and industries that we [ READ MORE ]

Why “Buy American” Isn’t Enough

USAToday’s article about Roger Simmermaker and his buy American movement may indeed garner support – even Diane Sawyer has challenged Americans to “buy American.”  Seems a patriotic and viable way to bring jobs back to the US.  I do not see this lasting for very long. Why? Quite simply, Americans want to buy the best [ READ MORE ]

IT Workers – Let’s Get the Outsourcing Argument Right

Former IT workers at Molina healthcare have started a firestorm with a lawsuit (see Outsourced and Fired, IT Workers Fight Back).  The article is an interesting read and I side with the former IT workers . . . but not for the reasons that keep being used.  They claim discrimination and they may be right, [ READ MORE ]

Eating Our Own Dog Food

I spoke to a couple of auto industry engineers while flying not long ago.  They lamented about all the outsourcing that the auto industry has done.  Mexico, China, South Korea and many other countries all make the products that the US used to make. The Big Three (Ford, GM and Chrysler) were on their heels [ READ MORE ]

Re-Inventing Capitalism

Back in 1931, during the Great Depression, many other countries thought the end of capitalism had come.  They looked to communism and socialism as the failed attempt at capitalism seemed imminent as the Depression dragged on. Hitler rose to power in Germany and Stalin in Russia. In the past 50 years, the US has managed [ READ MORE ]

Asking the Wrong Questions to Improve Service

A client recently forwarded me an invitation from a company promoting a seminar titled “How to make off-shoring work?”  He rightly pointed out that if your asking the wrong question, you will get the wrong answer.  After all, it isn’t about getting off-shoring (or outsourcing, shared services, etc.) to work, it is about getting the [ READ MORE ]

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