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The story has been told many times, in the business world salespeople can make more money because of the skill of selling.  I don’t wish to diminish those that have real sales skills, but in realty more often than not most are just order takers.

In redesigning a system, often one comes across the mysterious area of sales.  Sales is one area that has a history of fighting to stay a separate function while the rest of the organization aligns to customer demands.

The magical aura of sales reminds me of “touch” in golf.  My son’s golf coach defines it as back-swing.  Reality when magical isn’t that magical.

When it boils down to it sales can be a proactive encounter or it can be a mind changing experience.  So few are the latter, yet, most claim to be.  The riches that accompany the word “sales” are far exceed most people’s skills in this area.

Before we leave the realm of reality and say sales is really different, let’s determine first if their is truly something magical or something suspicious.

If we can boil sales down tosomething that the masses can do, is it really magical? 

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Tripp Babbitt is a columnist (Quality Digest and IQPC), speaker, and consultant to private and public service industry.

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