Designed for: People at all levels in public and private service industry (and the service side of manufacturing) will benefit from this seminar and workshop.
Overall aim: Using of the works of W. Edwards Deming, Taiichi Ohno and John Seddon participants will unlearn old approaches to management and improvement and relearn a different and better way to design and manage work.
Learning Objectives:
  • Understand how the work works from a systems thinking perspective v the traditional command and control thinking.
  • Explain how looking at work as a system is a prerequisite to performance improvement.
  • Identify and define their work in relation to purpose.
  • Analyze their work from a customer perspective, identifying waste, inefficiency and its impact on their customers.¨ Measure how efficiently the system is responding to demand.
  • Understand variation from a systems thinking perspective.
  • Engage people in activity that makes sense and will not be perceived as “more work.”
  • and so will be in a position to take action for improvement against measures.
Location: Next Seminar and Workshop is being Planned

To achieve real quality often requires a fundamental reappraisal of the way the organization works. We need to think “why do I do this?” or “How could we do this differently or better?” This workshop helps delegates question the assumptions that govern today’s practice and redesign work in the light of what the organization is setting out to achieve.

Prior to making changes it is essential to establish what is currently happening and why. When one understands how the system is working today, what they are reliably and predictably delivering to the customer and why, then you are in a position to make informed choices about change.