Our services can help you develop a highly customer driven culture which is adaptive to your market environment.

We provide:

Organizational Intervention Services

Our consultancy work is based on the Vanguard Method© and the principles of Intervention Theory. The key phases to our consultancy ‘interventions’ are as follows:

Health Checks (System and Call Center)

The purpose of this service is to help managers understand how using the Vanguard Method© can help them improve service, reduce costs and boost staff morale. Managers will have the opportunity to make an informed decision about proceeding to the ‘Check’ stage and to understand the practical application of the principles behind our method.

A Health Check can usually be carried out within 2 to 5 days depending on the size of your organization. The Health Check consists of a high level activity and is carried out by members of our intervention team.

It will focus on understanding, and making visible, demand and flow. It will also show the volume of value and failure demand entering the system and the extent of waste in the flow. This will enable us to arrive at an understanding of what matters to customers which, in turn, allows us to define the purpose of the system in customer terms.  We can then establish what managers pay attention to in the current system and understand the effect that their ‘thinking’ has on current performance.

System Interventions

We offer interventions in Change Management and Performance Improvement using the Vanguard Method©. We work with organization leaders and employees at all levels to help you obtain knowledge about the ‘what and why’ of your organization’s current performance.  From this knowledge, you will be equipped to make changes based on knowledge and on an informed choice.


Process Mapping and Analysis

Our process mapping workshop will allow you to define, map and analyze work processes from the customer’s perspective and take effective action for improvement against measures.

Fundamentals of Systems Thinking

3 day in-house program

Offered only by us, this program will introduce you to systems thinking concepts for service organizations. It will enable you to assess the benefits that will be achieved using these concepts in your organization.

Customized Workshops

We can customize workshops with vendors/partners, call centers and other variations to help to promote continual improvement. Contact us at [email protected].

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