System Intervention

An intervention transforms service and performance while simultaneously improving morale.  It is an intervention not a project as the transformation is systemic, i.e. when we leave the organization it continuously improves.

Bryce Harrison/Vanguard achieve this transformation by bringing two things to the client organization – Perspective in the form of Systems Thinking and Method how to change the current theory of work.  It is a truism that there is no change without leadership but the leadership must come from within the organization and the leaders must be prepared to challenge their current assumptions about the work, people who do the work and how work should be done.  The role of Bryce Harrison/Vanguard is to catalyze the change and this is achieved through a process of informed choice(s).

This involves the Steps of the Vanguard Method©.  The intervention includes:

  • Industry appropriate book either Freedom from Command and Control (private sector) or Systems Thinking in the Public Sector (public sector)
  • The 3-day workshop: Fundamentals of System Thinking.
  • Scoping and “Check” activities.
  • Redesign of process(es), roles, technology, and measures.
  • Implementation

This is a highly customized service for each organization.  Transformations can range from 3 – 12 months depending on the size and scope of the intervention.  We offer checkpoints to make decisions on moving forward after each major step.

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