Process Mapping/Analysis Workshop (In-house and Public)

Our process mapping workshop will allow you to define, map and analyze work processes from the customer’s perspective and take effective action for improvement against measures.

Here’s what you can get out of this workshop:

An insight into why you need to view work differently. To see a leap in performance, you must change your management methods as traditional methods can only give you mediocre results and sometimes results that are not to be desired.

Evidence of how much more powerful systems thinking is compared to traditional management styles. Organizations that have moved from traditional management styles to systems thinking have gained results that they never thought they could achieve.

The unique Vanguard Method of ‘Check, Plan, Do’ can guide you to running successful change programs in the most effective way.

A way to understand your processes from the customer’s perspective. By mapping and analyzing process in this way, you will be able to identify the flow, waste and also understand the impact that these have on your customer.

Meaningful measures that can show you your true performance from your customer’s point of view. Many organizations have the wrong measures (targets, KPIs and SLAs just to name a few!) that can be detrimental to the quality of service.

The principles of re-design. Re-designing your work by focusing just on the value work is part of the recipe to a sustainable and successful change program.

Click here to view the workshop overview.

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