I still consider myself neutral because the on-going war between Democrats and Republicans is counter-productive.  Although, I am happy to report that many of the Republican presidential candidates have proposed that they would shut down the US Department of Education.

Why stop at the stop at the Federal level?

I first proposed last summer that the Indiana Department of Education should shut down.

It only makes sense to start putting our investment in those that can create value (teachers) and less spend on those that shovel costly policies and programs into the schools.  Less management and more teaching is a wonderful formula for hiring more teachers and reducing the burgeoning deficit.

Democrats should like this too.  So long as we hire more teachers and not waste more money on non-sense that is needed in the classroom.  We spend $77.4 billion dollars on the US Department of Education.  Think about that $1.5 billion for every State.

But wait a minute . . .

We can save even more by shutting down every State Department of Education and have more money to spend in the classroom.  We could save and improve education and send the bureaucrats packing to either teach or find a value creating  job.  Pay teachers more and reduce the deficit – something for everyone . . . Democrat or Republican.

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