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Tuesday, March 3, 2009 by Tripp Babbitt

I have gotten the feedback that my FREE download (Understanding Your Organization as a System) is too long (160 pages) and has way more material than be possibly consumed by one human.  I apologize for my partners (Vanguard Consulting Ltd.) that wrote the work with all the exercises and information.  They have a tendency to write on and on with disregard for command and control thinking and pointing out the problems that businesses encounter such as outdated thinking like using scientific management theory.  After all they come from the land of queuing and fly tipping.  They even go way to far talking about what to do to get started to improve your business . . . bastards!

For those of you that do better with smaller bites, I am offering links to management articles that provide the same general information on systems thinking as the download.  The Fit for the Future series is partitioned into smaller, more palatable bites (six in all).  This way you can still watch Family Guy and the Simpsons without missing a beat.  These are 15 minute reads each and for slow readers like me maybe 20 minutes.

Here are the links:

Fit for the Future – Part 1

Fit for the Future – Part 2

Fit for the Future – Part 3

Fit for the Future – Part 4

Fit for the Future – Part 5

Fit for the Future – Part 6

These management articles are pretty plain (in title) . . . after all this is the land of no ice in soft drinks and Yorkshire pudding (don’t tell them it doesn’t have any taste).

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