I was reminded today of the nature of change and more importantly the methods of change.  Here, I am reminded more about the fundamental rules of change and less about whether it is lean six sigma, TQM or any of an assortment of other disciplines that may describe organizational change management.

The default method of change seems to be in making people change or training them in ways to do so.  Neither of these methods are optimal, but both may have a time and place.  The former (making people change) is a reflection of the power in wielding control, while the latter attempts to convince people.

People “do” what they believe makes sense.  It is only when people are constantly challenging assumptions that breakthroughs are realized. 

But this creates an uncomfortable position for a world made of assumptions.  Columbus challenged the flat earth theory with his life.  Copernicus was afraid to reveal his theory that the sun (not the earth) was the center of the universe and waited to almost death to have his thoughts revealed.  And so it goes through history that until assumptions are challenged through theory and observation are advancements made and new paradigms created.

New perspectives are a never-ending cycle that shortens the cycle of discovery through new and better thinking.  And so it is with systems thinking that intervention theory for organizations can create breakthroughs in innovation and method that advance mankind. 

This is not just a battle to win the day, but a war with battles won and lost.

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