The era of the expert has officially come to an end.

Most purported “experts” today  have decided to give themselves this label.  When you hear the words, “I am the expert” you should run.


To start with . . . it is a fixed mindset and holds a manacle on future learning.  After you become an expert, where do you go from there?  More expert?  The mostest expert?  Once you label yourself an expert there is little room to grow.

Being an expert seems to be a pass to judge others as not expert.  Calling out the non-experts as not worthy to walk the sacred ground of the expert.  You will hear things like, “everything I do is purposeful.”  Wow!  The deity has arrived to right the world.  We have been waiting for your arrival.  False prophets abound.

English: General Sir Henry Clinton, Commander ...

English: General Sir Henry Clinton, Commander in Chief of the British Forces in the American Revolution, 1778-1782. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We haven’t seen such arrogance since General Cornwallis and General Clinton traipsed the American landscape over 200 years ago.  Good thing, their overconfidence was the Americans gain  Both Generals left the US with dishonor.  Both later writing books to blame the other for their colossal failure in America.

The self-proclaimed expert has a clear message, “I am the man.”  Until something goes wrong that effects their image then the message is let’s find someone to blame.  My expert image may get tarnished.

English: Charles Cornwallis, First Marquis of ...

English: Charles Cornwallis, First Marquis of Cornwallis (1738 – 1805) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Embracing a growth mindset instead allows the unworthy to become worthy.  All have the propensity to improve their current position and no one has all the answers – at least on this earth.

A better label would be to declare ourselves life-long learners and try to live up to this.  No one is left out with this mindset.  We all have room to improve.  Otherwise, we set the world back to the days of monarchy and elitism.  Who wants that in country where “all men are created equal.”  Unless, of course you are an expert.

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